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How to lose weight in 3 months

How to lose weight in 3 months


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By Voja Budrovac

When you are overweight, you can count on the fact that you will have a lot of health problems. Even though many different diets are available, not all of them are good for you.  However, some of them can help you in step one-to lose weight in 3 months in a healthy way. Also, it is not only about food. You will need exercise and that is why you should do research about fitness trainer near me and start your membership. A lifestyle with a balance and a nutritious diet is the key to losing weight and better quality of life. Besides some other global pandemics, obesity is also on a roll. So it is better to deal with prevention than with consequences. Before you develop diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac conditions, start your better life now.

A girl exercising with dumbbells
It is very important to be disciplined on your weight loss journey

To lose weight in 3 months- step 1-start going to the gym- hire help

Losing weight is not easy and you will definitely need a plan. Sometimes, wanting something is not enough. That is why a team of professionals is here for you. If you plan to enter the process of not only losing weight in 3 months but also start your healthy balance, feel free to hire a team of professionals. When you do a bit of research about body transformation Dubai, I am sure you will find exactly what you need. Whether it is about running or cycling or even hiking that is very popular these days, doing cardio can be great for you. It is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. In addition, you will definitely burn some calories. Besides reducing calories, cardio is a great cause of improvement of risk factors for heart diseases and diabetes. Any exercise and especially cardio are extremely useful at reducing belly fat that causes metabolic diseases.
A woman at her personal trainer
Hiring a personal trainer can be of great help

Make a plan

Making a plan sounds easy but you should really consider hiring a certified fitness trainer who can be extremely beneficial for you. Speaking in a professional manner,  a personal trainer should develop a workout around a person’s age, nutritional strategy, and free time. After all, we all need our jobs and time with our families. However, we need to stay healthy to have all of that. So, it is a circle of life and that is why hiring a professional trainer can be of great help. If you do it yourself, you can oversimplify it or overcomplicate it and we want to avoid both.  Maybe, you want to skip all that in which case customized training is great for you. Plan can be like this:

  • hiring a personal trainer who will help you with meals and exercise
  • get enough sleep
  • eat low carb food and fibers

To lose weight in 3 months-step 3- a personal trainer who helps with meals and exercises 

There are tons of free fitness guides and tips on the internet. Although it is great, sometimes it’s counterproductive rather than helpful.  It is a very demanding task-figuring out on your own which workout plans to follow and what is exactly that you need. The most important thing is that even later you be able to maintain the lifestyle and stick to the workout plan in a healthy way.  That is why hiring a personal trainer may be a great move for you. It is however a great financial and time-consuming commitment. Therefore, think well before entering the process. Especially if you are at the beginning of your journey this is a very useful step for you. However, even if you are not a beginner, a trainer can really be of great help in getting you back in the game with careful planning of your meals and workouts.

Team players raising hands
You and your personal trainer can be a great team

Get enough sleep

What will almost definitely happen in the first stages is that you will feel very tired. Also, you will have pain in your muscles and your body will be sore. So, it is crucial that you get enough sleep and that you manage to maintain your motivation for workouts. It is your short-term goal to lose weight in 3 months, but it is also a long-term goal that you stick to your lifestyle for a longer period of time.  In order to have enough mental and physical strength to preserve the attitude, you need to have enough rest. Of course, a healthy diet and drinking water are important. However, if you don’t sleep enough amount of time, you will not be able to be functional. In addition, getting enough sleep is not only healthy for your losing weight but also for your overall wellbeing.

Eat low carb food and fibers

When we speak about weight loss, protein is without any doubt the master of nutrients. By digesting proteins, you are also burning calories. With a high-protein diet, you will feel more energized and powerful. Also, you will not feel hungry all the time. Which is the opposite of when you eat carbs and processed foods.  Often underestimated, eggs are actually a very powerful tool in losing weight. Also, it will give you a sense of fullness. When your diet is based on proteins and good fat, you actually eliminate the added sugar, bad fat and processed food from your life. It comes naturally since your body will not “ask for” all that anymore. There will be no need. Also, eating whole foods will give your body many essential nutrients that it needs. Then, the weight loss will come as a logical consequence.

Losing a couple of pounds for someone can be really easy. On the other hand, maintaining a weight loss is a completely different story.  Of course, you should be able to have a birthday celebration and eat cake without only remorse. Having a balanced lifestyle also means not feeling guilty when you have an occasional “cheating day”. That is why it is a good idea to start with 3 months first and then later continue by following your own pace.


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