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How to protect yourself in changing weather

How to protect yourself in changing weather


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By Voja Budrovac


While we are absolutely loving the wonderful cool weather in Dubai, we also are awfully aware of more and more number of people sneezing and coughing around us. This changing weather causes high risk of catching cold and flu. To enjoy this season, you must protect your health by taking some extra precautions. You must make few changes in your food plan as well as in your lifestyle. Also, since there are so many people around us who are sick, you would need even more precautions to stop getting infected by them.

Head personal trainer at Fitness Trainer, Voja Budrovac, says that it’s crazy how many people fall sick during this season of changing weather. Mostly it starts with a simple headache and throat ache and in a matter of couple of days you are suffering from cold and flu. While it is hard to make your body a 100% immune from getting sick, Voja mentions some tricks which can exponentially strengthen your odds of staying healthy. So, read below to learn how to protect yourself from falling sick this season.

1. Turmeric milk

Turmeric works as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory for your body. Turmeric milk is a great drink to provide strength to your body and also improve your immunity system. Making turmeric milk is super easy, just put milk to boil and add turmeric before the boil. Keep cooking for few minutes, you can add some honey in the milk as well. Drink it hot. It is also good to heal injuries and sickness. At Fitness Trainers, we believe in healthy and natural options works better than supplements and hence we motivate all our clients to use natural products.

2. Add Ginger, Lemon and Honey

Ginger, lemon and honey are great choices in this season to improve your immunity system. Ginger is high in antioxidants and can be taken in any form- raw, boiled in water, in tea, in soup etc. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and boosts our immune system. Honey too is high in antioxidant. If you haven’t been a fan of these food items, it’s time you give it a try.

4. Dress well

Since it gets quite windy at times during this season in Dubai, make sure you wear appropriate clothes to protect you from the wind. Also, if you are frequently moving inside-outside air-conditioned room, you should be extra careful to provide appropriate clothing for both temperatures to your body. If you are going for a run or swim, be extra careful of your pre/post workout clothes.

3. Good Hygiene

To make sure you don't catch cold from your friends and family, you must practice good hygiene. Make sure you use a good hand wash and keep your hands clean at all times. Most of the times germs spread from one person to another by simple act like handshake. So, make sure you wash your hands frequently and nicely. Also, adding anti-bacterial in your shower will be helpful too. Keep a face mask to keep your nose and mouth covered if there are multiple people sick around you.

5. Lifestyle change

Now that you are eating well and dressing appropriately for this season, you have already reduced the chances of falling sick. However, you would still need to make few more lifestyle changes to prepare your body to face all challenges. Drink plenty of water every day and get good night sleep. Not drinking water or having irregular sleeping habits can indeed make your body for prone to sickness.

We hope these tricks will help you protect yourself this season from falling sick. For better counselling and getting trial personal training and boxing class, contact us!

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