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Outdoor workout in Dubai

Outdoor workout in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac


Dubai is at it’s best during the winter season which starts from November and continues for 3-4 months. We see uncountable number of tourists in this season enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors and chilling at the beaches. This season also brings out the brilliant opportunity to workout outdoors for a change and get maximum out of the season. There are plenty of outdoor activities going on this time of the year in Dubai. Also, this thoughtfully planned city offers you various free spots to workout without any cost.

At Fitness Trainer, we take this opportunity to encourage all our clients to move from the gym and do few personal training and boxing sessions outdoor. So, if you too love to workout while enjoying the fresh air and the sun, this article is for you. We have researched the best outdoor workout places and events for you in Dubai for this winter!

1. Sky Dive Dubai

If you haven’t checked out SkyDive Dubai free gym yet, you’re missing out one of the best free outdoor gym in Dubai. This place has variety of workouts to offer and is completely free of cost. You can enjoy working out here alone or with your group, either ways it’s going to be amazing. You can do yoga, cardio, HIIT, Boxing, gymnastics, cross fit etc.

2. Kite Beach Dubai

Kites beach is the perfect place to enjoy the beach and go for a long run along the sea. This is a 7km long running track which starts at Sunset Beach and goes all the way to Kite Beach and then Jumeirah 1. This place is free of cost and is accessible 24-7. So, if you are someone who loves to run at night or before dawn too, this place is the best option for you.

3. Al Ittihad park

This is a beautiful park where you can run or workout while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the Palm Jumeirah. It offers a 2.7 Km long running track loop and multiple workout options amidst that. There is also playground for kids, which makes this park a great destination for your family day out. Enjoy running in one of the best neighborhoods of Dubai while getting fresh air and beautiful sun.

4. Um Suqeim park

This is another great workout option for you if you too are a beach lover. This place has a good running track, playground for kids and some workout stations for you to enjoy a complete workout and quality time at the beach. You will find some groups working out or doing yoga at the beach. You can simply join the groups or do workouts on your own. Either way it is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and burn lots of calories too.

5. Dubai Marina

If you like to run and enjoy the magnificent architecture of Dubai, then Dubai marina running track is a perfect option for you. This is a 9 km long loop with beautiful view and amazing wind. You would cover Marina to JBR in your run, viewing lakes to beach on your way. It is a perfect place to run in the morning or even afternoon as it gets a little busy during evenings.

Seeing how much Dubai has to offer to motivate you to workout and get in shape, you must feel pumped up for a great workout now during this winter. So, join us and enjoy training with the best in Dubai. You are just one call away from your dream physique!

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