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Meal Prep by Personal Fitness Trainer Dubai

Meal Prep by Personal Fitness Trainer Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably heard about meal prepping. But for anyone new to this concept, meal prepping is the idea of planning out your meals and portion sizes ahead of time. It can help you reach your nutrition goals, save time, and prevent unhealthy eating. Meal prep recipes are also often cheaper or make more servings than you would make at a restaurant, which saves money over time. Bellow you can find meal prep principles by Fitness Trainer Dubai regime.

Different way of Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of the most healthy lifestyle practices. It allows you to save time and money, while eating healthy by cooking full meals in advance, then storing them in the fridge or freezer for an easy, on-the-go lunch and dinner solution. There are several types of meal prep, which we’re going to share with you today!

Four plastic containers filled with healthy colorful food for people sticking to your diet plan.
Adjust your diet plan as much as you can to our preferences.

Meals in advance: Full meals prepared in advance which can be kept in refrigerator and heated at mealtimes. This is usefull for dinner meals.
Batch cooking: Having large batches of a specific recipe, then splitting it in portions to be frozen and eaten over the next few weeks or months.
Individual meals: Preparing fresh meals and separating them into individual portions to be refrigerated and eaten over the next few days.
Ready-to-cook ingredients: Prep the ingredients required for usual meals ahead of time as a way to saving on cooking time in the kitchen.

Meal prep method that works best for you depends on your goals and daily routine


For example, in advance breakfasts might work best if you’re looking to streamline your morning routine.

The different meal prep can also be matched depending on your own goals. Start choosing the most closest way, then experiment with the others to determine what suits for you.

letters in plate
Having the right support is beneficial to sticking to your diet plan.

Cut down on cooking time. Some people look forward to spend too much time in the kitchen while meal prep. This is only natural since the key goal for meal prepping is saving cooking time. 

The following ways will help prep and cook times.

Have a Consistent Schedule

Meal prep works best when you stick to a consistent schedule. Going exactly at the same time and day to shop for groceries and prep your meals will help you to get a good routine.

Your schedule should fit to your weekly routine. Have in mind that picking your times and sticking to them will simplify the process.

Choosing the Right Recipes

Choosing the right recipes will help you become more skillful while cooking. 

How to save time, select the right recipes to provide different cooking way. Having too many recipes requiring the same appliance the oven, for example will limit the number of dishes you can prepare at once.

Make a Shopping List

Your shopping can be a time waste.

You spend half time in the grocery store, keep a detailed grocery list organized by supermarket.

This will stop time waste to a previously visited section and speed-up your shopping.

Cut grocery shopping to once per week or maximize use of delivery companies.

A woman in a yellow shirt checking her meal plan list.
Write plan – Stick to the plan

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