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Top 5 tips to get perfect abs

Top 5 tips to get perfect abs


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By Voja Budrovac


Probably the hardest part for getting into the perfect shape is getting the 6 pack abs. Almost all of us have wanted to achieve the perfect core muscles if we are serious about our workouts. Getting good abs does not only require good workout sessions at gym but in-fact we have to be really dedicated and work hard to reach there.

We see all the fitness models with their perfect abs and we wonder how can we get that shape. Even after being regular at our workouts, it’s really hard to achieve goals when it comes to core muscles. So is it really so hard a process to get great abs? Not really.

Here are the top 5 tips from Dubai’s best personal trainers at Fitness Trainers, to help you get perfect abs much faster.

1. Reduce body fat

The key to get abs is to have lower body fat percentage. For men, body fat needs to be lesser than 10% while for women it needs to be lesser than 18% to have visible abs. So if you aim to have 6 pack, first step is to reduce your body fat percentage and get it in the right range.

2. Eat protein

We have seen all bodybuilders and fitness models promoting high protein diet to get well defined muscles. That is indeed an essential advice and much needed for getting abs. So we must change our diet and move to high protein diet. We must consult our fitness expert or personal trainer and get the right diet plan.

3. Cardio

We relate abs to only weight lifting exercises or mostly strength workouts. However, to get good abs, we also need to include regular cardio routines to burn the fat. Unless we burn the fat, we can’t get the abs. So we must ensure to add daily cardio workout of some form along with lifting weights.

4. HIIT workout

Doing high intensity interval training are one of the best way to burn more fat and develop the core. HIIT workouts help you burn a lot of fat while doing the workout and also burns calories hours after you are done with workout. Studies have proved that doing HIIT training, can really help you get much faster results.

5. Diet

And lastly the most important part of getting good abs is following a good diet. No matter how much we workout at the gym and lift weights or do cardio, unless we follow the right diet plan, we won’t be seeing any results. Now this is the reason why not everyone can get 6 pack abs because we need tremendous amount of dedication and self control to maintain the right diet for long time.

We need to cut carbs, eat only good fat and lots of protein to get our goal. We must be consistent for a long period of time to get and maintain the results.

It is really hard to get amazing core muscles but it’s definitely doable if we have right focus and right coaching. So don’t sit and wait, reach out to our amazing personal trainers at Fitness Trainers and get the results you want in a healthy manner and much faster. Get in
touch now!

Get in touch with fitness trainer Dubai and let us guide you to your dream fitness level in this dreamy city.

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