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How to get lean in 2 months

How to get lean in 2 months


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By Voja Budrovac


Not all of us hit the gym to pursue big muscles. Most of us wish to get a lean body by all means. We try various sorts of workouts and starve ourselves to lose weight and get a lean body. Having a lean body doesn’t necessarily mean to lose weight only, it means to develop lean muscles and lose body fat too. A desire of lean body includes, having great physical stamina, have fit and healthy body.

Voja Budrovac, head personal trainer at Fitness Trainers, highlights that most of his clients actually have the goal of losing weight and fat to get a leaner body. He clarifies that workout programs for gaining muscle is extremely different from getting a leaner body but the key to achieve any is dedicated workout and specific diet plan. So, here are the top recommendations from one of the best and experienced fitness experts in Dubai on how to get leaner body in just 8 weeks.

Diet plan

To get lean muscle, you must lose excess body fat. The key component in losing body fat is a highly controlled diet plan. It is essential to follow a low card diet, completely cut down sugar and bad fat. Also, one might debate on it but consuming enough protein is also essential for having a balanced diet plan. Along with these, make sure you add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.


Cardio exercises are most famous exercises across the globe, and there is a real good reason for it. Cardio workouts improve overall health and strengthen our bones, cardiovascular health, develops positivity and lost more. Some examples of cardio workouts are running, walking, skipping, cycling, elliptical etc. These exercises help us reduce weight as well as body fat.

Body fat vs Body weight

Most people make a mistake of focusing too much on their weight when they try to get a leaner shape. It you wish to develop lean muscle; you need to shift your focus on body fat instead of body weight. If you get rid of excess body fat, you’ll naturally achieve leaner body.

Heavyweight training

Just doing cardio will not get you the right body shape you desire. So it is also essential that you include some heavyweight lifting workouts as well in your weekly workout schedule. A great personal trainer ensures that every training is a combination of cardio trainings of both low and high intensity, along with some free weight workouts.

Calorie deficit

You must go into calorie deficit if you desire a leaner body. Make sure your personal trainer takes your right measurements and suggests you the best workout and perfectly calculated diet plan. You have to be dedicated to your meals and ensure to eat less; eat less instead of eating till you feel completely full.

These tricks will help you achieve the goal but the most crucial component is your focus and determination to stick to your path. Having the best personal trainer will help you speed up the process and ensure constant motivation for you to stick on your path at all times. So what are you waiting for, try a free personal training session and start your fitness journey now!

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